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Our Name

Celebrating our ancestry, this imprint reminds us of our families. Potenza especially.  Not only a place, but a great descriptor for our wine-making style: strong, powerful and of great potential. 


Our Barrels

We only use 36 month air dried french oak barrels custom made for us by Demptos USA.  A blend of oak from different forests in France with medium toasting on both the heads and staves produces a truly wonderful deep flavor.  Our reserve wines spend 2 years in brand new barrels. 


Our Grapes

 We use Lodi AVA grapes exclusively.  This American Viticultural Area is located in the Central Valley of California, at the northern edge of the San Joaquin Valley east of San Francisco Bay.  

Our Story


Established in 2004, Château Rousseau-Potenza produces distinct, full bodied wines nurtured from the highest quality fruit from the Lodi AVA.  Aged in custom Demptos french oak barrels our La Reserve, Vin d' Angie and Potenza offerings highlight the award-winning style of winemakers J.G. Russo, Gary J. Thomas (Château Sarlat) and Glen M. Thomas (Orchard Estates).

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Château Rousseau Potenza


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Monday - Friday: Closed to the Public

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